EcotherapyMaryland is a veteran-owned business

EcotherapyMaryland is a veteran-owned business
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    Veterans and Active Duty

    If you think your experience as a veteran or active duty service member would work best with a fellow veteran, it would be my honor to help.  Military service leaves a lasting impression.  If you’re actively processing experiences directly related to your time in the service or current struggles somehow feel distantly connected, then let’s talk.

    As well as being a veteran, I have been trained and certified to work with veteran specific issues, like post traumatic stress.  But I also find that having that shared experience – the camaraderie and sense of mission – fosters a common understanding that carries over into therapy.

    Ecotherapy Programs

    Ecotherapy presumes that your health is intimately connected to your relationship with the natural world. It uses the rhythms and cycles of nature to regain perspective, balance and grounding in your life. EcotherapyMaryland is a collaboration between you and nature, through a combination of traditional therapeutic approaches coupled with time spent in natural and wilderness settings. Ultimately, you will use your connection to and passion for nature as a core means of transforming your struggle into success.

    Let nature be your co-therapist.


    If you are actively pursuing your recovery from substance use or dependance, I am here to help you personalize your plan and build your support network.  As both a licensed, clinical psychotherapist and certified addictions counselor, I have the training and experience to help you make the sober changes you seek.  And as a certified nature-informed therapist, I can also integrate ecotherapy into your plan if you feel a connection to nature.

    If trying this on your own isn’t working, let’s work together to create goals that lead to your success.  Living free from addiction is certainly possible, but it is, as they say, a journey.  Let’s take the steps to make this happen for you.

    Talk Therapy

    EcotherapyMaryland offers traditional talk therapy as well as nature-informed therapy; either way, you’re working with a licensed psychotherapist.  If you are experiencing a difficult period in your life, or feeling too challenged by circumstances, let’s work together to create the best way forward through interactive sessions focusing on your unique concerns, growth opportunities and strengths.

    Why talk?

    In addition to being heard, one of the reasons talking works is because you hear your intentions – sometimes for the first time – out loud.  It helps you identify your style of thinking, learning how to prioritize your beliefs and manage your feelings.  Becoming the “watcher of your thoughts” is part of what we mean when we speak of mindfulness.