EcotherapyMaryland is a veteran-owned business

EcotherapyMaryland is a veteran-owned business
  • What is Ecotherapy

    Ecotherapy incorporates nature into the therapeutic process.  Like traditional types of therapy, ecotherapy is evidence-based.  It presumes that your health is intimately connected to your relationship with the natural world. It uses the rhythms and cycles of nature to regain perspective, balance and grounding in your life.

    EcotherapyMaryland is a collaboration between you and nature, through a combination of traditional therapeutic approaches coupled with mindful time spent in natural and wilderness settings. Ultimately, you will use your connection to and passion for nature as a core means of transforming your struggle into success.

    What are the benefits of Ecotherapy

    Many of us feel disconnected at times, from others, the world around us and, ultimately, from ourselves. Nature offers restorative healing with the power to help you reconnect in these important ways. It helps you experience nature in a deep, present and mindful way, lowering biometrics like heart rate and respiratory rate while decreasing stress and improving mood. Experience nature as your co-therapist, learning about your inherent connection to it and the sense of well-being that springs from this profound relationship.

    For more information about leading research and nature informed therapy, see “Ecotherapy Links” under the Resources tab.

    Do I have to do Ecotherapy or can I do traditional talk therapy

    No. You only do Ecotherapy if you feel comfortable in a natural setting and feel like it’s a fit for you. Many of us are drawn “inexplicably” to nature while others may feel more comfortable in a traditional indoor setting. Either way, I’m here to help.

    About Rogers Belch

    Rogers Belch is a US Army veteran and licensed certified social worker – clinical (LCSW-C). He serves veterans and active duty military seeking mental health services outside the VA or chain of command. He also works with adults dealing with life challenges using traditional psychotherapy techniques, as well as personalized techniques through ecotherapy.