EcotherapyMaryland is a veteran-owned business

EcotherapyMaryland is a veteran-owned business
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    presumes that your health is intimately connected to your relationship with the natural world. It uses the rhythms and cycles of nature to regain perspective, balance and grounding in your life. EcotherapyMaryland is a collaboration between you and nature, through a combination of traditional therapeutic approaches coupled with time spent in natural and wilderness settings. Ultimately, you will use your connection to and passion for nature as a core means of transforming your struggle into success.

    Let nature be your co-therapist.



    offers several types of ecotherapy programs in a variety of settings. From individual, guided solo trips, couples trips, and family programs to groups and veterans, there is a nature-informed program that meets your needs and experience level. Including hiking trips for a day, overnight trips at a national park or just walking and talking at a local park, all programs are facilitated by a licensed psychotherapist who is also a certified nature-informed therapist, certified wilderness first responder and, experienced wilderness guide.

    Connect with me for more information about each program and which is most suitable for you.